The Brand

Doussou Traoré is a novel fashion design partnership that bridges art, textiles and tailoring. Malian craftsmanship is at the heart: in the midst of the arid terrains of the Sahel, textile makers practice ancient weaving and dyeing techniques. They create motifs that spin hundreds of tales. We offer unique contemporary styles drawing inspiration precisely from this folklore. 


The selected fabrics are craft pieces thanks to the artisanal know-how that is cultivated with tenacity over time. Dyes are extracted from natural sources such as mineral mud, indigo, and other color bearing plant leaves and bark. These sources are amongst the least environmentally impactful, while at the same time producing high quality results.


The clothing is produced in a manner that respects not only the environment, but the people all along the supply chain. The fabrics are ethically sourced, meaning that Doussou personally selects her fabrics from suppliers reputed for the value they bring to their communities and the people they employ. The collections are timeless and edgy; and the clothing is assembled with precision by a small group of dedicated tailors. The collections are inspired by a tradition in dressing that is stylish and that feels good on the skin.

About Doussou

Doussou herself is a fusion of world cultures. She is of Malian heritage, born in the United States, and now she lives between Madagascar and Italy. She is nostalgic, yet eager to take on any opportunity to explore new sights, colors and tastes. She sets out to shatter myths, keeping her mind open to diversity and rejoicing from the experiences. In her endeavor, she invites you to explore behind the sacred veil of Malian craft, clothing you in the unique and the bespoke.


Doussou received her Fashion Design Certificate from the Accademia del Lusso in Rome, Italy in 2021. Prior to this, Doussou worked for over 10 years as an Agricultural Economist Consultant for technical agencies of the United Nations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Programme. Economics remains a passion; in fact Doussou’s brand is motivated by the partnerships that she has built within the scope of sustainable development. Fashion is Doussou’s ultimate dream since she was a little girl growing up in the vibrant streets of Bamako. She recalls most of her favorite clothing items that she designed for herself with the help of neighborhood tailors. She launched her eponymous clothing line during the fall of 2019 for the Spring and Summer 2020 collection.